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About JAy-d

Musical Genius

When Jay-D springs to mind, you are met with thoughts of an established rapper with bags full of tenacity. Jay-D brings something a little different to the table, his very own niche sound. He possesses a certain aura about him, one of a driven and hardworking individual. With his work rate being second to none, he continuously comes through with high-quality music.

Jay-D uses his platform in the sincerest way; writing lyrical content that is descriptive, raw and exposed- this is a rapper that brings forth relatable content. Jay is a humble as they come.

In one of the most recent of his releases, ‘Lost My Way’ takes us on a lyrical journey of the trials and tribulations of a talented being. Jay-D has been known by many for his genuine support of mental health organisations and movements. His mental health is something he speaks so freely about in his music, this vulnerability that Jay displays so eloquently pays dividends to the heartfelt message of his content. Over the years, each project this rapper has released has been a stellar example of a seasoned musical artist.

His 2017 album ‘Before I Rise’ was a seemingly profound highlight of Jay-d’s career. The 10-part project took us on a voyage of emotions, bringing to light various hard-hitting topics. The unapologetic way in which Jay delivers his music makes him one-to-watch.

He has the ability to capture his audience with his undeniable pen game, something highly respectable in a rapper.


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